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Alfambra - Best Value Cigar


Best Value Cigar

Alfambra Cigars is a cigar brand from Nicaragua hand made in Estelí at the Alfambra factory. Alfambra have its own tobaccos from its own fields.

For its nursery, different varieties of seed are used, giving rise to tobacco leaves that will go through a drying and curing process. The most expert rollers make the cigars in a completely manual process. Alfambra cigars are characterized by their great flavor and excellent quality at a moderate price.

Alfambra cigars grows most of the tobacco that its cigars contain and its idea is that there is the least number of intermediaries to reach the final consumer.


Alfambra cigars was born with a dream of being able to manufacture cigars with the own name. After some time Alfambra cigars is one of the nicaraguan tobacco companies with more own production. From the seedbed to the final consumer, this is what the founder, Alejandro Mata Alfambra has always wanted to transmit in their cigars. Controlling seed selection to the cigars packing.


Alfambra cigars began their production at the beginning of the 21st century. Their cigars are made in Nicaragua. Alejandro Alfambra is the founder. He created the factory with the aim of supplying tobacco to other companies. Seeing the potential and the quality of it’s tobacco, in 2015 he decided to create his own brand.

Tobacco store Alfambra shows most of the tobacco that contains their cigars families: ALFAMBRA PREMIUM and ALFAMBRA CLASSIC

The process begins with the planting of the seedbed and it takes approximately 45 days until it is ready. Once prepared, it is transplanted to the field and after 45 to 90 days the harvest is collected. The leaves go to the drying process, which is another 45 days. Depending on the type of leaf, it takes between 18 and 24 months to dry. When the leaves are ready, some of most expert cigar rollers will be responsible for making the cigar.

In manufacturing, the elaboration of a traditional Cuban style is used in a totally manual process.

At the end, customers will be able to enjoy the cigar from and a half ears after the seed is planted.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Alfambra Cigars, S.A.
Antigua Esteli - The social cigar

Antigua Esteli

The social cigar

Antigua Estelí Cigars has a new identity as the company has announced that it will be changing its name to Segovia de Estelí effective immediately for its business in the US and a handful of other countries.

In a press release, the company said the change "is a result of rebranding and corporate restructuring to reflect and mirror the growth and transformation of our company," adding that while the name is changing, the products it manufactures will not and “will continue to live up to the quality and refinement that our valued customers know and expect both within the US and abroad around the world.”

Antigua Estelí Cigars/Segovias de Estelí is owned by Arturo “Art” García Chevreuil, who told Halfwheel that the case was settled out of court, with the name change being part of the settlement. In the press release announcing the name change, the company made a statement noting that Art Garcia is not affiliated with or otherwise connected to My Father Cigars, José "Pepín" Garcia, or their family.

The company's new name references Las Segovias, a region in northern Nicaragua that includes Estelí, widely considered the country's cigar capital. It also includes Jalapa, an area known for its tobacco farmland. Estelí is often referred to as “El Diamante de Las Segovias”, a nickname given to him by Oscar Corea Molina, a radio personality.

The company noted that the turnaround and restructuring will take place over the next three months, during which time it will focus both on assuring existing customers, suppliers, retailers, partners, staff and shareholders that the company is here to stay, as in beginning lay the groundwork to expand your business through new lines of cigars.


"In short, by moving our name from Antigua Esteli Cigars to Segovias de Esteli Cigars in the United States, we are making a statement to be perceived fully as high-end blenders, makers of premium, hand-rolled cigars with immediate effect," said the company. wrote.

Outside of any business in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Russia, or Cuba, the company will continue to be known as Antigua Estelí Cigars.

His name is Arturo Garcia Chevreuil, but the 39-year-old California native is known in the cigar and music business as Art Garcia. As CEO of Antigua Estelí Tobacco Co., García has a lot to do. But even as he produced records and carved out a niche for himself in the cigar world, not to mention taking on life as a newlywed with a beautiful bride, he still found time to create a new Nicaraguan cigar that is gaining attention: the Segovias. Named after the fertile tobacco growing lands of Nicaragua called Las Segovias, the cigar is in fact based on the leaf harvested from the four main producing regions of Nicaragua.

Made in Estelí, the Segovia will find a receptive fan base among devotees with a taste for the Nicaraguan blade. “We keep the blend a pretty tight secret,” Garcia says, “but all the leaf inside the cigar comes from all four regions of Nicaragua, and is three to four years old. We are now offering two blends, one with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and the other wrapped in Maduro San Andrés."

Garcia formed his company four years ago with a vision of capturing the essence of Nicaraguan cigar flavors and traditions, and things appear to be moving in a positive direction for the company. Debuted the Segovias at the 2019 PCA trade show and their exhibit won Best In Show for a Small Exhibitor.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Tabacalera Segovias de Esteli, S.A.
Azan - Premium hand made cigars for daily enjoyment and perfect to share with friends. A medium taste cigars with a selection of the finest tobaccos


Premium hand made cigars for daily enjoyment and perfect to share with friends. A medium taste cigars with a selection of the finest tobaccos

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Nicatabaco
Don Duarte - Unique and Rewarding smoking experience!

Don Duarte

Unique and Rewarding smoking experience!

Dr. Roger Duarte-Rodriguez founder of the Don Duarte cigars met Cuban born Evelio Oviedo during one of the RTDA shows. At the time, Dr. Duarte –Rodriguez was a Consultant to one of the Tobacco Industries biggest companies.

Dr. Duarte-Rodriguez was fascinated with what he saw in the Tobacco Industry and wanted to create his own brand, following the footsteps of his family ancestors. However, he wanted to be sure to select the best Master Cigar Blender in the Industry, and that’s were Evelio appears.

The expertise and knowledge of Evelio are world-known in the cigar world, but it is worth telling a little bit about his life.

Evelio comes from a Cuban cigar making family. He gained his expertise while working at the H. Upmann factory in Havana, for 23 years. In 1961 he moved to Grand Canary Island where he partnered with the owners of the Montecristo and H.Upmann brand, the Mendez and Garcia family, and opened a factory. Afterwards he moved to Brazil to open a new factory partnering with the Mendez family.

He later moved to Miami with the intention of retiring, but Cuban-born Mr. Plasencia the owner of Segovia Cigars, one of the biggest vertically integrated Tobacco Agro Industrial Factory owners in Nicaragua and Honduras, had different plans for him.

He joined Mr. Plasencia with the promise that he would be given full control of the entire tobacco process, to make cigars “the old fashion Cuban way”.

It is after Dr. Duarte-Rodriguez placed his first orders with Mr. Plasencia that he was able to convince Evelio to create unique blends that would combine the traditional Cuban experience, the Cuban-seed Habano Tobacco, and the Nicaraguan soil that offers the perfect climate.


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And thus, a new brand was born, by the name of “Don Duarte” with the Cuban-born Evelio Oviedo as the Master Cigar Blender behind this premium Nicaraguan cigar line.

With the trade techniques honed for more than 200 years of cigar manufacturing in Cuba as well as an improved variety of the black tobacco seeds, and the rich black soil and ideal climate they found in the regions of Jalapa, Estelí and Ometepe of Nicaragua, they had the perfect ground to flourish and produce the Habano wrappers and binders that characterize the rich-tasting, aromatic cigar of exceptional quality produced in Nicaragua.

While many consider tobacco from Vuelta Abajo and Pinar del Rio, Cuba to be the best in the world, Nicaraguan tobaccos and particularly those from Jalapa, Condega, Estelí and Ometepe have successfully yielded top quality leaves, including fine wrappers, giving birth to a thriving industry that is now comprised of twenty-one (21) factories between small and large that produce true “Puros” in the best Cuban tradition.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Fedosal Trade, S.L. / Cigar Conexion
El Brujito - The magic of Nicaragua

El Brujito

The magic of Nicaragua

El Brujito is a medium strong cigar with fine spice. Alejandro Mata Alfambra has been supplying tobacco leaves from his plantations in Nicaragua to numerous well-known cigar manufacturers for years. Given the high quality of his tobacco plants, he had chosen to create his own cigar brand - El Brujito. Notes of wood, leather and coffee are accompanied by a balanced, creamy-caramel sweetness. The very good value for money makes this cigar line twice as attractive.

The nickname "El Brujito" in this tobacco refers to the typical shaman of pre-Columbian cultures, in this case the first to harvest and smoke tobacco in Estelí, although it is not limited to that area, having existed throughout Latin America. It also has a very dark appearance but without shining, although his coat feels quite thick and very veined.

We give it the cut (one of those that cost, another sign that perhaps it has too much tobacco) and we light up to find ourselves with some very very spicy first puffs, like putting a chili in your mouth. It quickly stabilizes and we find a first third that is spicy (pepper), toasted and woody, with leather, nuts and a fairly dry tip as companions. The spices go down little by little.

The aftertaste shows us mainly leather and is long and dry, it is a type of tobacco that asks to be accompanied by a drink; good coffee, good wine, good rum. The combustion is very good, without deviations or tubes or failures, but the shot is a bit 'hard', you have to make an effort to get the best out of this cigar.

The second third follows the path of the first, remains dry, roasted (coffee) and woody, joining the leather (a lot of leather throughout the cigar) with a citrus tip of bitter orange, which turns into licorice as the smoke progresses.

The smoke is abundant, white and aromatic, perhaps somewhat light. For its part, the ash is calara gray, with little grain and consistent.

The last third varies quite a bit compared to the first and second, it is no longer as dry (without becoming creamy) and the wood falls in front of a hay that appears strongly and bits of coffee and cocoa that give it a certain bitter aftertaste. It is a cigar of high strength but accessible to most fans. A very entertaining cigar

The taste of EL BRUJITO is one of the best tobaccos with a complexity and richness of flavors that shows that a cigar does not have to cost much to be excellent.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Alfambra Cigars, S.A.
El Sueño - The Dream of Mirko Giotto. Coming soon new Nica Line!

El Sueño

The Dream of Mirko Giotto. Coming soon new Nica Line!

  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Company: El Sueño Cigars
Kaneda - Italian Luxury Cigars


Italian Luxury Cigars

Kaneda ® tradizione italian art cigars co. gives you the warmest welcome and invites you to enter into an exclusive cigar art world. One hundred percent handmade, created and designed in Italy, developed and manufactured in Costa Rica with tobacco leaves of the Americas.

  • Origin: Italy
  • Company: Quadro Internacional, S.A. / Kaneda
Mastro Tornabuoni - Fired cured Kentucky

Mastro Tornabuoni

Fired cured Kentucky

Totally made in Italy with Kentucky fired cured tobaccos from Valtibenino valley in the Toscana region. The Long fillers are totally hand made, and the Short fillres are  produced with the uttermost care with the help of historical machinery, perfectly restored and still 100% original in their form and work. The choice of using machines used decades ago is a real tribute to the days gone by.

  • Origin: Italy
  • Company: Compagnia Toscana di Sigari
Nicatabaco - A vertically integrated boutique cigar company, from seed to super premium cigars.


A vertically integrated boutique cigar company, from seed to super premium cigars.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Nicatabaco
Omar Rodriguez - Selected Tobaccos from Nicaragua

Omar Rodriguez

Selected Tobaccos from Nicaragua

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Omar Rodriguez Cigars
Regius - Number 1 in UK


Number 1 in UK

The Latin Regius denotes of a ‘King’. We present you a regal smoking experience: to enjoy a hand-made King of Cigars.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Company: Fedosal Trade, S.L. / Cigar Conexion
Villa Vieja - The Origin of Estelí !

Villa Vieja

The Origin of Estelí !

  • Company: Fedosal Trade, S.L. / Cigar Conexion